General certificate of education in “Electronic e Telecomunication” achieved at the “Istituto d’Istruzione Superiore Europa Unita” of Chivasso (TO) on 2004. Certificate of “Transportation Design Bachelor” achieved at the “Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design” of Turin on 2007.


Animator at scout event and summer holiday at Lauriano (TO) and Chivasso (TO). Hardware, software and net technician at the “InfoSU s.r.l.” of Turin since 2004 to September 2007. Designer at the “Inovo Design s.r.l.” of Turin since October to December 2007. 3D modelling tutor at the “Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design” of Turin since January to March 2008. Cas modeller and designer at the “Torino Design s.r.l.” of Moncalieri (TO) since March 2008.


Knowledge of manual and computer draw technique. Good english knowledge. Knowledge of “Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Autodesk Alias, Autodesk Showcase, Curious Lab Poser and Solidthinking” software. Knowledge of Windows, Macintosh and Linux platform, hardware and software, server and client. Photo, car, motorcycle and bicycle technical knowledge. Mechanical ability.

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